Wichita Physical Exams For Men

wichita testosterone therapyOur physical examinations are head to toe preventative health check-ups that help you catch early signs of degenerative illness or risk factors such as high cholesterol and a review of your lifestyle and health requirements.

Why are physicals necessary?

Physicals are done to determine if a person is healthy enough to participate in a sports program. They are also great for just general checkups. The physical test helps to understand if there are any high risk signs or symptoms that may affect your ability to play hard and to live a fulfilled, healthy life.

The exam helps to determine your “safe level of activity”.

Why Choose Rock Ridge Medicine For your Physical?

We, at Rock Ridge Family Medicine, have a department of caring staff members who conduct both medical history and physical exams for a complete physical treatment process. The medical history includes questions about serious illnesses among family members, previous hospitalizations and surgery details, past injuries, allergies, any specific medications that you are on, and current/previous illnesses.

There’s nothing more important than our good health – that’s our principal capital asset. – Arlen Specter

Physical Exam Process

During the physical examination process, we conduct several types of tests including height and weight recording, vision test, blood pressure, and pulse reading test, lung, throat, abdomen, ears, nose, and heart test, evaluate your posture, bones, joints, flexibility, and strength.

We can help you with recovery from sports injuries as well.

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Wichita Hormone Therapy Clinic For Men

Low testosterone levels are common among men. Symptoms generally include fatigue, decreased libido, and decreased sexual function. We are Wichita’s #1 ranked health clinic for men with low testosterone and unbalanced hormone levels. See more information on Hormone Therapy For Men.

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After your physical, if needed, we can then refer you to a specialist for treatment services if it outside the scope of our standard family care.

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